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About the OVS 2024 Seeking Solutions Summit

The OVS Seeking Solutions Summit is a biennial gathering of OVS-funded advocates to learn about a specific topic with the goal of improving their ability to serve victims and survivors of crime in New York State.


This year's summit, Challenges for Providing Victim Services in Rural Communities: Ensuring Sustainable and Effective Services, will bring OVS-funded advocates and allied professionals together to learn from experts about the main barriers rural communities face, to better understand the challenges specific to this population, and identify gaps in services. Participants will also learn how rural communities work to overcome these challenges and build relationships among rural advocates in New York State to bolster learning and best practices, and encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources to better serve victims and survivors of crime. 

This will be an in-person event.

Featured Presenters

Andrew Campbell


Campbell Research & Consulting

Joe Fazzary_150x150.png

Joseph Fazzary

District Attorney of Schuyler County

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