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Lindsay Acker


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Lindsay Acker is a talker and listener, and she comes from long lines of the same. She recognizes herself as a composition of the people, relationships, and communities that pour into her, and she tries to bring her whole self with her every day and everywhere she goes. Her relationships, experiences, and studies have led to a passion for transformative and restorative justice, working to reimagine the systems that uphold domination and punishment into ones that thrive on equitable collaboration and accountability.


These passions, in turn, brought her to the Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition. At ECRJC, Lindsay's role as the program and case coordinator encourages and supports accountability and healing in communities in Buffalo, NY, through community circles and restorative conferencing. She tracks with our Restorative Conferencing, works with schools on Restorative Practice Implementation, and assists with training and community partnerships.

Lindsay's enthusiasm for the transformative power of stories includes a passion for theater, and in non-Covid times you can find her attending, teaching, acting, or working on and off stage. Lindsay attended Eastern Mennonite University, earning her Bachelor's degree in Peacebuilding and Development in 2020. Lindsay completed her Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation in 2021 from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University.

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