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Cesaré Robinson


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Cesaré Robinson is Common Justice's Assistant Director of Intervention in the Bronx. Before joining Common Justice, she was a Program Director at the Youth Shelter Program of Westchester which is a residential Alternative to Incarceration program for young men. During this time Cesaré had the opportunity to interface all the young men who were making the choice to remove themselves from the carceral system, for the alternative of residing within the residence where they were provided year-round schooling, cultural/community immersion as well as family reunification. During this time Cesaré completed her Master of Social Work and LMSW exam.  

Cesaré was born and raised in New York City, however she briefly left to complete her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Virginia State University. Immediately after her completion of her degree Cesaré began to work in the social service field of which she immediately realized the service disparities and the representation of people of color in all systems which she interfaced with. This work was the beginning of her trajectory of wish she wanted to be a change agent and advocate for those who are underrepresented.   

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