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Afua Afriye-Fullwood, Esq, MSW


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Afua Afriye-Fullwood, Esq, MSW, has conducted family law clinics
for survivors of intimate partner violence, and elderly constituents for
several New York State and New York City legislators as General Counsel
for the Urban Justice Center-Domestic Violence Project (DVP).
Since 2011, Afua has had individual constituent meetings in the district offices
of the legislators, NYC Family Justice Centers, barber shops, beauty salons,
educational settings and virtually. In this capacity, she has provided legal
representation in matrimonial, Surrogate Court and Family Court matters
in the five boroughs of NYC. Additionally, DVP services include drafting,
filing, in-service training, Know Your Rights, collaboration, and referrals of
constituents to social service, tenant, housing organizations, other domestic
violence legal partners and NYC agencies serving underserved and marginalized
community members.

Afua’s commitment to public service is reflected in her recent certification
as a Custody and Visitation Mediator for NYS Family Court and Advance Matrimonial
Mediator certification. She has employment experience working and living in the
Bronx as an Associate Attorney with the law firm of Rodriguez and Fuentes, solo
practitioner with the NYS First Department Appellate Division Assigned Counsel
18b Panel, twelve years as a Family Court Support Magistrate, three years as a
NYC Special Assistant to the Corporation Counsel’s Office prosecuting abuse and
neglect cases, five years as a Criminal Defense Legal Aid Attorney, and Small Claims
Court Arbitrator.

Before attending Cardozo Law School, Afua worked on an interdisciplinary Child
Study Team Member for the Teaneck, New Jersey Board of Education as a School
Social Worker and was the Director of Integrity Outpatient drug program in Newark
New Jersey. Afua continues to strive to give voice to the human rights of disenfranchised

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